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Here at Slo-Troll’n, LLC its about the experience and meeting new people who love to be out on the water. We want to make each trip your own personalize adventure, if that is learning new techniques, having fun, or just enjoy being on the water with friend and or family. Let us know how we can make it a memorable experience, so we can tailor your trip to your needs the best we can.


Capt. Mathew Leben

A member of the National Professional Angler Association (NPAA) Since 2018 #1377

What to bring

Personal Items:

  • Rain gear

  • Lunch & drinks

  • Motion sickness aid(s)

  • Sunglasses (PPE)

  • Sunscreen

  • Cooler for your fish

Rates & Services


  • Private party (1-3 people): $450

  • Private party (4 people): $500

  • Walk-On (individual): $150*


  • We provide a year-round guide service on Lake Erie for 8 hours or the customer's legal limit of target species. 

  • Dock time will vary based on the time of the year.

  • Walk on trips for those willing to share the time on the water with new people.

  • Fall Brawl, WalleyeSlam, and FishCrazy derby participant

*Requires a minimum of two passengers for the trip.

**Gift certificates available upon request


Sponsor & Affiliates 


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Derby Agreement Form

Thank you for Fishing with Slo-Troll'n, LLC. By filling out this form you agree to the terms,  I hereby agree to split the prize money/prize(s) equally with all aboard the vessel the day the winning fish(s) were caught.  Slo-Troll'n, LLC is not responsible for any crew member failing tournament requirements or testing.

Serving the Ohio Waters of Lake Erie

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